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    Farm Fact #1

    Energy Output

    Marble River Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 215.25 megawatts (MW) — enough to power approximately 60,000 average New York homes with clean energy each year

    Enough to power approximately

    60,000 Homes

    Farm Fact #2

    Benefits to the Community

    As the nation continues to rebound from the devastating recession, Marble River Wind Farm has been a boon for local job seekers creating approximately 300 temporary jobs at its peak during construction and 13 permanent, full-time jobs in operations. The project has also yielded significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment.

    The Marble River Wind Farm will help provide energy security to the United States by diversifying the electricity generation portfolio, protecting against volatile natural gas spikes and utilizing a renewable, domestic source of energy.

    Farm Fact #3

    Benefits to the Environment

    Marble River Wind Farm will help prevent the annual emission of carbon dioxide, a contributor to climate change; nitrogen oxide, which causes smog; and sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain. The environmental benefits are equivalent to taking approximately 40,000 passenger cars off of the road

    Cars pulled off the road

    Farm Fact #4


    Eighty seven supportive landowners participate in the project under long-term lease and easement agreements that cover turbines, access roads, transmission corridors and wind access.

    Farm Fact #5


    One of a growing number of operating wind farms in the Empire State, Marble River is comprised of 70 Vestas V112 turbines, each with a capacity 3.075 MW. The turbines in place are some of the most advanced and efficient in use today. The Marble River Wind Farm is also the first V112 park in North America to date.

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